Why to Choose Natural Stone Veneer Over Faux Stone Siding

Natural stone for siding, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and many other applications is popular, but real stonework can be expensive. An alternative is using stone veneer, a thin covering that creates the appearance of a stone structure. There are many options and styles of stone veneers to create almost any look, both with natural stone and faux stone siding. While faux or manufactured stone veneer is less expensive, it is worth the investment to choose natural stone product when using veneer.

Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer Vs. Faux

Both natural and manufactured stone veneer can be beautiful and have the appearance of masonry or stone surfaces. However, the differences are similar to why natural stone is preferred to concrete or manufactured pavers. While faux stone siding may look similar, it does not have the attributes that is loved about natural stone. Some of the advantages of natural stone veneer include:

  • Unique stones and patterns
  • Durability of real stone – some faux products are prone to disintegration
  • The look can closer match other natural stone features
  • More options and styles available

Real stone veneer was not available decades ago – it is only with advanced cutting tools that creating thin natural stone veneer is possible. Most people cannot tell the difference between natural stone veneer and real stone structures, creating a valuable look that will last.

If you are considering stone veneer for your home, talk to a quarry that carries natural stone veneer. Often the prices are comparable to higher-end manufactured stone veneer, yet the product has higher value and durability, making it a better choice for many home improvement projects.

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