5 Benefits of Adding Spring Mulch

When spring finally arrives after a long winter, you want to get outside and begin improving your yard. Planting spring flowers or getting your vegetable garden started are on the top of many DIY landscapers spring to-do list, but you don’t want to forget about mulching. Spring is the perfect time to refresh the mulch around your yard to protect your trees, plants and soil. Here are five benefits of spring mulching.

  1. Replace mulch lost during the winter. Winds, precipitation and storms during the winter months can remove mulch from your planting areas. Your ground cover may be sparse and need more mulch for protection.
  2. Mulch helps protect moisture levels. Before the hot weather arrives, you want to insulate your soil. Mulch can help trap moisture in the soil for healthier plants and to reduce erosion.
  3. Mulch can add nutrients to your soil. Biodegradable mulch can breakdown naturally. This adds nutrients to your soil, but also means mulch needs to be replenished as it breaks down and is lost.
  4. Reduce weed growth. Before weeds have a chance to overtake your landscaping and flower gardens, restore an appropriate layer of mulch. This helps deter weed growth and protects the aesthetics and health of your gardens.
  5. Improve the appearance of your landscaping. One of the immediate benefits of spring mulching is the way it looks. Fresh mulch can create a tidy, clean appearance for your yard.

Make sure to add spring mulching to your to-do list. Visit a quality landscape supplier to find the right mulch products – many can even deliver your mulch in bulk for convenience and a cost-effective option.

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