Is Polymer Sand Better for Stabilizing Pavers?

If you are a landscape professional or just a DIY homeowner, you know having the right products can make a big difference. If you are building a paver patio, driveway or walkway, knowing the right sand to use between the pavers can make a substantial difference. Using natural sand is no longer considered the best practice for stabilizing pavers. Instead, polymer dust and sand products offer more advantages than natural sand. Here are some of the benefits.

No Sealer Needed

Polymer sand is less likely to erode or move than natural sand, so no sealer is needed for paver surfaces with polymer used for filler. This can save time and money, making it easier to build your paved surface. With gator dust, all you need to do is sweep away excess and add water to “seal” your paver project.

Better Weed Control

Natural sand can offer a place for weeds to take up root and ruin the look of your paved surface. Polymer products like sand and gator dust provide excellent weed control, stopping almost all plants growth between pavers.

Better Pest Control

Ants love sand, but not when it is made from polymer. Putting polymer sand between your pavers can prevent ant hills and other pests that prefer natural sand and soil for their homes.

Less Erosion

Polymer sands and gator dust stay in place when the rains and winds come. This can stop erosion, ensuring your paved surface lasts longer without shifting or settling issues.

Start your next paver surface project off right. When you visit your local quarry to pick out your pavers, ask about polymer products like polymer sand or gator dust for quality stabilization for your pavers.

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