Spring Prep for Flower Beds

Are you excited to see the beautiful blooms in your flowers beds this spring and summer? Get your flower beds ready now with some preparation. Using the right prep can ensure you get long-lasting, colorful flowers with more blooms. Here are some prep tips to get the best flower bed results.

Preparing the Soil

You want to add new soil every year to give your flowers improved nutrients. You want a soil mix that is made for flowers. This is usually labeled as a flower soil mix at your local landscape supply store. A good flower mix has organic materials like compost, mulch and other nutrients. If you have an existing flower bed, you can till in a few inches of new flower mix to enhance your soil. For new flower beds, you can use straight flower mix to fill raised beds.

After you get your flower mix, you may want to add fertilizer. Flowers love phosphorous fertilizer, which is the second number listed on most fertilizer bags. You can add fertilizer to your soil before you plant and every six weeks after you plant your flower bed (this can differ with certain types of flowers).

Before it is time to plant is also a good time to update the edge or walls of your flower beds. Adding new landscape timbers or updating to stone walls can improve the appearance of your beds.

A trip to your landscape supply store can help you get everything you need to prepare your flower beds. Make sure to also get some extra mulch to cleanup your landscaped areas once everything is planted. With a little prep, you can have gorgeous flower beds that you can enjoy all spring and summer.

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