Natural Stone Options for Your Slopes

Do you have a slope in your yard that is hard to plant or adorn with landscaping features? Slopes can be challenging when it comes to landscape design, but there are some creative natural stone features that can add an interesting flair to your yard. Here are some ways to incorporate slopes into your landscape design with natural stone.

Tiered Waterfalls

Slopes are the perfect formation for creating a waterfall in your yard. The natural slope gives you the gravity you need to build a flowing waterfall. A waterfall can begin anywhere on your slope with tiers of natural stone as it cascades down to your yard. This creates a natural look, adding the relaxing sound and glittering effects of moving water with the backdrop of beautiful stone.

Slope Staircase

Natural stone is excellent for building an in-ground staircase on your slope. Slabs of flagstone can be used to make treads that are staggered up your slope. Not only does a natural stone staircase make your slope easier to climb, it is a stunning feature to add to your landscape design.

Tiered Gardens

Another option for your slope is creating tiered gardens for planting flowers and vegetables. Small natural stone retaining walls allow you to make flat tiers for planting. Use two or three retaining walls to build tiers that allow you to finally utilize your slope for planting without worrying about erosion. You can also build a natural stone staircase to make it simple to access your tiered gardens.

Natural stone can help you make the most of your sloped areas. Visit a local quarry to explore the different stone options for building interesting features on your slopes.

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