Why to Choose Natural Stone Veneer Over Faux Stone Siding

Natural stone for siding, fireplaces, outdoor kitchens and many other applications is popular, but real stonework can be expensive. An alternative is using stone veneer, a thin covering that creates the appearance of a stone structure. There are many options and styles of stone veneers to create almost any look, both with natural stone and faux stone siding. While faux or manufactured stone veneer is less expensive, it is worth the investment to choose natural stone product when using veneer.

Advantages of Natural Stone Veneer Vs. Faux

Both natural and manufactured stone veneer can be beautiful and have the appearance of masonry or stone surfaces. However, the differences are similar to why natural stone is preferred to concrete or manufactured pavers. While faux stone siding may look similar, it does not have the attributes that is loved about natural stone. Some of the advantages of natural stone veneer include:

  • Unique stones and patterns
  • Durability of real stone – some faux products are prone to disintegration
  • The look can closer match other natural stone features
  • More options and styles available

Real stone veneer was not available decades ago – it is only with advanced cutting tools that creating thin natural stone veneer is possible. Most people cannot tell the difference between natural stone veneer and real stone structures, creating a valuable look that will last.

If you are considering stone veneer for your home, talk to a quarry that carries natural stone veneer. Often the prices are comparable to higher-end manufactured stone veneer, yet the product has higher value and durability, making it a better choice for many home improvement projects.

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Add Timeless Beauty to Your Yard with Natural Stone

Natural stone features for outdoor spaces is not a passing phase. Compared to concrete or other man-made surfaces, natural stone offers a timeless beauty and value that cannot be matched. Whether you prefer the stunning look of flagstone or want the rugged, country style of fieldstone, natural stone can transform your yard and improve the overall design with elements that will last.

Perfect Patios

When you use natural stone for paving your patio, you do not need to worry about cracking cement or drainage issues. Natural stone of all types is more durable and can shift with the soil, offering a long-lasting patio surface that is simple to maintain. A quick sweep or rinsing is all that is needed to keep it looking beautiful and your patio will be unique as the stone that creates it.


Welcome guests to your front door or to walk through your gardens with stunning natural stone pathways. Flagstone or natural pavers are ornamental and functional for walkways, while offering the durability and easy maintenance of stone.

Retaining Wall, Fire Pits and Water Features

Natural stone can help enhance almost any feature in your landscaping. From preventing erosion with a natural stone retaining wall to adding pizazz to your landscaping with a fire pit or waterfall, natural stone can help you create a variety of interesting and useful features in your yard.

Natural stone comes in many varieties for creating gorgeous paved spaces and other features in your outdoor living areas and yard. Visit your local quarry to investigate the many different styles, types, colors and shapes of natural stone for your next outdoor project.

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Is Natural Stone Worth the Investment?

There are many cultured or manufactured stone products available for home improvement. These tend to be much less expensive than the natural varieties, making them appealing to homeowners that are on a tight budget. But do these artificial stones offer the same benefits? In many cases, cultured stone can be disappointing when compared to the beauty of natural stone. Here are a few reasons why natural stone may be worth the extra investment when completing home projects. 

  • Durability. Nothing beats the durability of natural stone. This material has already withstood the elements for thousands of years and can easily last a lifetime for your home projects.
  • Fade resistance. Natural stone does not fade or lose its beauty over time like cultivated or manufactured products. You can rest assured that it will still look gorgeous ten or twenty years down the road, unlike many manufactured stones.
  • Uniqueness. Every piece of natural stone is unique. Like snowflakes, no stone is exactly the same. You will have a patio, walkway or veneer siding for your home that is unlike any other in the world.
  • Age adds even more beauty. While artificial stone deteriorates with age, natural stone can become more beautiful as it patinas.
  • Adds value. Quality materials always add value to your home and natural stone is no exception. It can add to the curb appeal of your home and create incredible interior designs that are excellent selling points.

So is natural stone worth the investment? Absolutely! Whatever your home project, talk to your local stone quarry to find the best natural stone products for the highest quality results. You will be glad you did.

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