Add a Stone Focal Feature to Your Landscape Design

Every landscape design should have a focal feature that draws the eye – it can be something fully functional or just for aesthetics, but it should draw attention. Stone is a perfect material for building a stunning focal feature that will blend with the natural atmosphere and last for many years. Here are some ideas for stone features that can become the focal point of your landscape design.

Stone Waterfall or Water Wall

Flowing water over natural stone is a gorgeous addition to any yard, providing beauty and relaxing sound as a focal feature. A tumbling waterfall over rocks or a solid stone water wall can enhance your landscape design and add an elegant touch.

Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

A flagstone or fieldstone fireplace or fire pit are a wonderful way to warm and light up cool nights, but also can be the centerpiece of your outdoor space.

Retaining or Sitting Walls

Stone is perfect for creating retaining walls to secure slopes or shape your yard, both functional and a wonderful focal feature. Sitting walls made from natural stone are also functional and add a lovely look to any outdoor living area.

Dry Creek Beds

Drainage for your yard can also be a focal feature. Dry creek beds made with varying sizes of stones can provide adequate drainage for your property and create an interesting style for your yard.

Find ways to improve the beauty of your yard and landscape design with a natural stone focal feature. Visit a local quarry to view varieties of natural stone to give you ideas for your next project to enhance your property with style and function.

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