Enjoy the Uniqueness of Travertine Cladding

Are you in love with the beauty of natural stone? While you will see many patios and even indoor flooring created with natural stone, below your feet is not the only place to put stone. One of the most popular options in stone products is travertine, which can be quarried into pavers, flagstone or tiles. While travertine will be found as a paving material, its beauty can go to bigger heights when used as wall cladding for your home.

What is Travertine?

Travertine is a limestone that has beautiful porous veins similar to marble. Like marble, it is often quarried in Italy, with many more quarries in Turkey. Travertine has an elegant style that is often deemed luxurious due to the higher cost of the stone. While it can stain, the new options in sealing can protect the stone, giving it more versatility in uses.

Indoor or Outdoor Wall Cladding

If you want to give your home a unique and stunning look, consider using travertine wall cladding. This can be a gorgeous style for your entry way, using travertine cladding as siding around your front door. Another option is bringing it indoors. Travertine can add natural beauty to your kitchen, bathroom or sunroom as indoor wall cladding. When sealed, it can retain its beauty and be protected from staining, helping it last for decades.

If you want to explore new options for decorating your home, consider travertine for paving and wall cladding. Visit your local quarry to view the many types of travertine to find the colors and types of cuts to create interesting variations for your indoor and outdoor wall cladding, as well as paving and flooring.

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