Creative Ways to Use Boulders in Your Landscaping

Boulders are nature’s building blocks, coming in all shapes and sizes, with variances in color. From small boulders that are easily moved to large boulders that weigh hundreds of pounds, each is unique and can make a wonderful addition to your landscaping design. Here are some creative ways to use boulders in your home’s landscaping to add interest and function.

  • Driveway perimeter. Tired of people accidentally driving on your lawn? Large boulders are the perfect perimeter for your driveway to keep vehicles off your lawn. Unlike a fence that will be damaged if it is hit by a vehicle, boulders will stay intact and withstand a bumper hitting them every so often.
  • Garden edging. Small boulders make a great edging for garden areas and borders for your lawn. You can use similar sized boulders or add in different sizes for depth.
  • Creek beds. The most beautiful drainage option is the dry creek bed that offers a natural option to reduce water on your property. Boulders of various sizes can be used to enhance the effect of a natural creek flowing through your yard.
  • Giant boulders are a great option for patio furniture. They can be used as end tables, planters and even chairs. Boulders are wonderful for seating around the fire pit, with no worries of sparks ruining your natural furniture.

There are many ways to incorporate boulders into your landscaping in interesting and unique ways. Boulder come in many options and can vary in color and will last a lifetime. To find the best options, visit a quality quarry that offers many sizes and shapes of boulders for your use.

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Is Natural Stone Worth the Investment?

If you are planning a home improvement project using stone, you probably already know that stone is a premium building component. Unlike manufactured products, natural stone must be quarried from its source, cut into the right sizes and transported at a large expense due to the weight. All this adds to the cost of natural stone, which is why it is so highly valued. You may be tempted to use a manufactured or artificial stone product to save money. Here are a few reasons to invest in real natural stone for your next home improvement project.

  • When you use natural stone, every project is unique. Like large snowflakes, each stone is slightly different from the next. The character that is ingrained into each stone over thousands of years is what makes this element so beautiful and valuable.
  • Nothing lasts or is as durable as natural stone for home improvement projects. Manufactured products may look similar, but they cannot withstand the elements like stone that was created from the elements.
  • Yes, natural stone does cost more than other materials for patios, fireplaces, walkways and other projects. But the value transfers to your home or business. The timeless beauty of stone never goes out of style and can add value to your property.

Whether you are upgrading your outdoor living area or want to enhance your living room with a natural stone fireplace, invest in the beauty and durability of natural stone. Visit your local quarry to view the different natural stone options available. When your project is complete, you will be glad you decided to use this gift from nature.

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Is Natural Stone Worth the Investment?

There are many cultured or manufactured stone products available for home improvement. These tend to be much less expensive than the natural varieties, making them appealing to homeowners that are on a tight budget. But do these artificial stones offer the same benefits? In many cases, cultured stone can be disappointing when compared to the beauty of natural stone. Here are a few reasons why natural stone may be worth the extra investment when completing home projects. 

  • Durability. Nothing beats the durability of natural stone. This material has already withstood the elements for thousands of years and can easily last a lifetime for your home projects.
  • Fade resistance. Natural stone does not fade or lose its beauty over time like cultivated or manufactured products. You can rest assured that it will still look gorgeous ten or twenty years down the road, unlike many manufactured stones.
  • Uniqueness. Every piece of natural stone is unique. Like snowflakes, no stone is exactly the same. You will have a patio, walkway or veneer siding for your home that is unlike any other in the world.
  • Age adds even more beauty. While artificial stone deteriorates with age, natural stone can become more beautiful as it patinas.
  • Adds value. Quality materials always add value to your home and natural stone is no exception. It can add to the curb appeal of your home and create incredible interior designs that are excellent selling points.

So is natural stone worth the investment? Absolutely! Whatever your home project, talk to your local stone quarry to find the best natural stone products for the highest quality results. You will be glad you did.

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The Benefits of Buying Stone Directly from a Quarry

When purchasing any commodity, it is important to always get the best value. The same is true when purchasing stones for your landscaping projects.

It may be possible to spend much less than you expected going directly to the source. Purchasing anything from a distributor adds unnecessary expense due to additional handling. The same is true when purchasing stones, boulders, and gravel for your landscaping projects directly from the quarry.

There are many different stones in color and shape; therefore, it is wise to go to the quarry yourself and pick the stones, boulders, and gravel you need for the project you have in mind. Since the workers at the quarry work with the stone every day, it is most likely they know exactly where to look for what you need. The workers there can take you to the stones you have in mind and then you will be in a position to choose the ones you prefer, rather than taking a chance with a near blind internet or phone order.


Natural stones are the best elements for your landscaping projects. Natural stone can be split or cut for you right there at the quarry to provide the right shapes and sizes for your project. Additionally, natural stone requires less maintenance, or no maintenance at all and you can be certain you are getting a durable and long-lasting groundcover or material for a stone fireplace, smoker, or outdoor oven.


In case you want to decorate your garden and not spend too much, consider gardening with stones. What many call “Xeriscaping” is the art of using natural stones and other material to eliminate or reduce the need for water or irrigation. This concept is widely promoted in areas where there is a lack of fresh water. However, it has caught on in many other areas as well, mainly due to its low maintenance, yet still reserves fresh water for human consumption.

Xeriscaping can be a suitable alternative to traditional gardens. It may sound confusing, but there are many beautiful stones at the quarry to build a low-maintenance rock garden. In addition, it a less expensive method to decorate your garden and make it look more attractive, with less maintenance.


When you visit a quarry, you will more than likely find as many stones as you need to complete your project. This will give you a chance to come up with what you are looking for, for your home garden. Going directly to the quarry yourself allows you to mix and match stones by color and pattern, with a side benefit of eliminating the middleman to save big money.

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