Different Types of Flagstone

When it comes to building hardscapes, flagstone is a popular option found in many backyards. However, flagstone is not a particular type of rock, it is a method of cutting and quarrying rocks. Flagstone can be made from many different types of sedimentary rock that is naturally layered. The cut pieces of these layers make the flags that are excellent for paving and other projects. Here are some of the popular types of flagstone that are used in many hardscape projects.


The weathered, pitted look of travertine is popular for flagstone projects. Travertine is a compacted limestone that comes grays, browns, tans and bluish-grays, valued for its cool surface that is perfect for pool decks and pavement in warm regions.


The blue, gray, copper and green variations of slate can add variety to paved surfaces and walls. This metamorphic rock is best when sealed to prevent staining.


Like its name, bluestone is a sandstone that tends to be blue or grayish in color. It is a denser form of sandstone that can handle colder temperatures. Bluestone is a non-slip paving stone that must be sealed to preserve the natural color.


The less dense sandstone often found in Arizona or the southwest is porous and better used in dry, warmer regions. The colors range from beige and reds to softer pastels like pink and shades of beige. The surface stays cool but should be sealed to prevent staining.

If you are looking for a paving stone for your walkway, patio, pool deck or entry, there are many different types of flagstone available. Visit your local quarry to see the different flagstone options available to find the best rock type for your project.

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