Boulders as Decoration

Boulders can add a unique beauty to your garden or structure. Before you bring your truck to a quarry there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Match Don’t Mix: Try to select boulders that match the landscape of your home or work site. If you select styles that are too different, nothing will look right. Boulders that are similar in size, color and texture will give your area an attractive professional look. It is always best to copy your building masonry when choosing boulders for your landscape.
  • Stay in Your Area: Boulders are heavy, but the real cost comes from hauling them from the source to your home or business site. Therefore, it is best to buy local, which will help keep those delivery costs down.
  • Size Does Matter: If there isn’t enough space for those fancy large boulders, smaller ones may be used. This may take a bit of creativity, but when strategically placed, smaller boulders will be just as eye catching as their larger counterparts and will take up less room.
  • Location: Make sure to hire an experienced contractor who knows how to place your boulders. Often, some arranging and rearranging is necessary before all the boulders land in the right spot. Boulders should be handled with safety in mind. Professionals know how to handle these big rocks, which can prevent mishaps, like a boulder landing on your foot or the roof of your car.
  • Building a Nest: Boulders do not sit on the surface; they are planted in the ground. They can be used with plants and other foliage to give your home or business site a unique look. This is a great technique to use when landscaping around waterfalls and patios. 

Custom designing your home or business site with boulders, offers a wide range of possibilities. Visit your local landscape supplier to learn more about decorating your landscape with boulders.

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