Planting the Perfect Flower Mix

Beautiful flowers can add just the right touch to your garden. They can set the right mood or impress friends and family. They may even inspire widespread envy throughout the neighborhood. Your possibilities are endless, but the trick is to know enough about the flowers to experience the benefits. Choosing flowers can be fun, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Know the Seasons: Traditionally, spring is the best time to lay those seeds. Be careful to wait at least a month after the last frost before you begin. Summer planting may be fine for cooler regions where temperatures never rise above eighty degrees, but this is usually not a good time for planting in most areas. Many people consider planting in the fall, so they will have a head start come spring. Some flowers can and should be planted in the fall, but not all.

Keep Everything Under the Sun: Sunlight is important. You will find some flowers that do well in the shade, but most thrive in partial or full sun. Find the sunny side and start digging. Try to plant the seeds as close to a water source as possible. Most flowers will be fine with natural rain water, but a well-placed hose will come in handy for the occasional dry spell.

Weed Out the Bad Stuff: A clean flower bed, is a happy flower bed. Remove weeds and excess grass from the area before you plant. If you have a small area, a rake or hoe should work fine. If there’s a lot of ground to cover splurge on a rototiller. Keep things tidy with the occasional weed pulling session.

Use The Right Soil:  Choose a good flower mix soil and either spread it on top of your flower beds or till it into the existing soil. 

Time to Plant: Mix the seeds for your soon to be flowers with a bit of sand and scatter them directly on top of the soil. Lightly compress into the soil, but don’t bury them. If the area is small you can walk on them to pack them down. You can use a seed roller for those more expansive areas. Water until just moistened. After that, they should do well with rain water.

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