The Right Garden Mulch

One of the best things you can do for your garden is to put mulch around flowers, trees and shrubs.  Mulch acts as a protective barrier around the plants.  It helps to control weeds, retina moisture, prevent soil erosion, and it gives gardens a more polished look.   Deciding which type of mulch to use depends on the situation and also personal preference. 

Shredded bark mulch is one of the most popular types of garden covers.  Bark mulch comes from a variety of sources.   It’s attractive around flowers trees and shrubs, and it breaks down slowly.

Shredded leaves can also be used as mulch, but they do break down quickly and may need to be replaced ever year. 

Evergreen trees lose hundreds of needles and those pine needles make an excellent mulch.  Pine needles add a delicate texture around plants.  Pine needles hold in place quite well which makes them a good mulch for slopes. 

Gravel or rock is often used around plants, especially trees and shrubs.  These are inorganic materials and do not breakdown over time like other mulches.   One of the main problems of using rock is that it often gets scattered throughout the lawn. Rock is also heavy and cumbersome.  If at a later date you decide to use a different type of mulch it can be difficult and time consuming to remove. 

Cocoa bean or cocoa shell mulch provides several important nutrients to garden soil.  However, if this mulch gets overly wet it tends to attract pests.  The sweet smell can also attract dogs and other animals, which may dig in or even eat pieces of the mulch. 

Because mulch is so important it’s a good idea to make the right decision in what type of mulch to use.   A professional landscaper can assist you in determining the best mulch for your particular situation.

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