Where Does Flagstone Originate?

What is flagstone and where does it come from? This popular natural stone is used in many landscaping and hardscaping projects, yet most people are unaware of what this stone is and where it originates. The flat shape makes it perfect for paving outdoor areas or covering surfaces, used for outdoor and indoor natural stone projects. Understanding the nature of flagstone and the different options available can help you determine the best type for your next project.

What Is Flagstone?

Simply put, flagstone is not a certain type of stone but more of a shape of sedimentary rock. Most flagstone is made from slate or limestone and can come in a variety of colors, but it is usually sold as a flat rock in various sizes. These rocks are used in paving, retaining walls, fireplaces and surface coverings for a natural and beautiful appearance that is durable and can withstand the elements.

Tennessee Flagstone

Flagstone can be quarried from anywhere with sedimentary rock formations, but one popular area in the U.S. is Tennessee. The flagstone from Tennessee is usually brown or gray, with varying hues of these colors depending on where it is quarried. Tennessee flagstone is shipped all over the U.S. to landscape suppliers due to the high quality and demand for this unique and durable natural stone that can be used in many different projects.

If you are planning project using natural stone as a paving or covering, consider the benefits of using Tennessee flagstone. Contact a local quarry or landscape supplier in your area that offers Tennessee flagstone to see the different sizes and varieties available to create a unique and lasting surface made from beautiful natural stone.

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