Should You Mulch in the Fall?

Spring is the most popular time for mulching, but is it the only time to mulch? While adding mulch in the spring is a great idea to help reduce weed growth and improve the appearance of your landscaping, there are reasons to also mulch in the fall. Here are some benefits to adding fall mulching to protect your favorite plants and trees through the winter months.

  • Restore mulch layer. During the long summer, mulch can become displaced. Summer storms, irrigation and other factors can cause thin spots in your mulched areas that need to be replenished. You want to keep a 2-4-inch layer of mulch around trees and larger plants to protect their roots.
  • Prepare for winter. Cold weather can be detrimental to your plants. Mulch can help protect the root system and soil around your shrubs, trees and other important plants. A nice layer of bark or wood mulch can insulate roots and give them protection from the cold air and possible snow above.
  • Less work for the spring. If you only mulch once a year, it can be quite the chore. Spring is busy enough; cut down the workload in the spring by mulching in the fall. You will have much less mulch to spread, leaving you more time for planting and other spring projects.

Adding mulching to your fall chores can be beneficial to your landscaping and minimize the work needed in the spring. Visit your local landscape supplier to stock up on the best mulches for your needs. Many suppliers sell mulch in bulk amounts to save you money and can deliver right to your home to make it easier.

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