Where Does Flagstone Originate?

What is flagstone and where does it come from? This popular natural stone is used in many landscaping and hardscaping projects, yet most people are unaware of what this stone is and where it originates. The flat shape makes it perfect for paving outdoor areas or covering surfaces, used for outdoor and indoor natural stone projects. Understanding the nature of flagstone and the different options available can help you determine the best type for your next project.

What Is Flagstone?

Simply put, flagstone is not a certain type of stone but more of a shape of sedimentary rock. Most flagstone is made from slate or limestone and can come in a variety of colors, but it is usually sold as a flat rock in various sizes. These rocks are used in paving, retaining walls, fireplaces and surface coverings for a natural and beautiful appearance that is durable and can withstand the elements.

Tennessee Flagstone

Flagstone can be quarried from anywhere with sedimentary rock formations, but one popular area in the U.S. is Tennessee. The flagstone from Tennessee is usually brown or gray, with varying hues of these colors depending on where it is quarried. Tennessee flagstone is shipped all over the U.S. to landscape suppliers due to the high quality and demand for this unique and durable natural stone that can be used in many different projects.

If you are planning project using natural stone as a paving or covering, consider the benefits of using Tennessee flagstone. Contact a local quarry or landscape supplier in your area that offers Tennessee flagstone to see the different sizes and varieties available to create a unique and lasting surface made from beautiful natural stone.

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5 Great Uses for Tennessee Flagstone

Tennessee flagstone is a beautiful material that can be used for many different projects around your home. This durable material offers a natural beauty that artificial stone cannot match, with every stone being completely unique. Tennessee flagstone can be used both inside and outdoors for durable surfaces. Here are five great ideas for using this material around your home.

  1. New patio. Flagstone is ideal for paving and creating a gorgeous patio for your home. The irregular shapes make a unique pattern that blends well into a natural setting. It is also easy to maintain and can last for decades.
  2. Create a natural stone stairway down a hillside or slope with flagstone treads that ideal for outdoor steps. It is a great do-it-yourself project to make it easier to go up and down your hillside.
  3. Tennessee flagstone is a wonderful material for making a memorable walkway to your front door or through your gardens.
  4. Fireplace or fire pit. Make a delightful fireplace or fire pit from flagstone, for either your living room or outdoor living space. Flagstone is perfect for adorning the outside of your mantel or fire pit area.
  5. Driveways. Want to impress the neighbors? Choose Tennessee Flagstone to pave your driveway for an upscale option for your home. This beautiful addition will add value to your home and make your driveway the envy of the neighborhood.

Want more ideas on how to use flagstone around your home? Visit your local quarry that offers Tennessee flagstone for more ideas on how to include this gorgeous natural stone in your home design, inside and out.

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Creating the Perfect Fire Pit for Your Backyard

One of the best features you can add to your outdoor living space is a classic stone fire pit. Perfect for late nights on the patio with friends and family, a fire pit brings the beauty of camping right to the comfort of your own home and backyard. In addition to adding heat and a warm glow to your patio while in use, a fire pit can also be a beautiful addition to your home. Here are some tips to create the perfect fire pit out of natural stone for your backyard.

  • Choose your style. Fire pits are usually built in a campfire or table-style for the backyard. However, some people prefer an actual fireplace they can gather around, or a completely custom design. Stone can be cut in a variety of shapes, or left in its natural state to be used for any style.
  • Choose your stones. Natural stone fire pits can have either a finished look or a rustic appeal, depending on the stones you choose. Pick out random, naturally shaped stones like river rock for a rustic look, cut stones like Tennessee fieldstone for a more finished style.
  • Create a base. In addition to your fire pit, a natural stone patio or base around the pit can add beauty while offering fire protection from sparks. Fire pits should not be placed on wooden decks or close to any flammable materials.

This summer, plan for late nights sitting around the warmth of your own natural stone fire pit. It is the perfect centerpiece for any backyard. Talk to your local quarry about what natural stone options are available to create the ultimate fire pit for your home.

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Tennessee Flagstone Treads

Flagstone step treads are often used to create natural stairs, steps and pathways in residential homes, commercial buildings, gardens and landscaped areas.  Stone contractors are often forced to utilize stone that is not the correct size for the application because the ideal size is not available.   As a result, the step stones and stair treads are often in several random pieces, which detract from the overall appearance of the final product.  However, stone contractors now have an option available for one-piece Tennessee flagstone step treads, which is a beautiful natural stone product.

Available in several stock sizes including 12”x12”, 18”x18”, 24”x24”, 18”x36” and 18”x48”, these treads are all natural Tennessee flagstone.  In addition, custom sizes are available as well.  The product is being sold “quarry direct” at very low wholesale prices by the truckload, which is possible because there is no multi-tiered distribution system involved.  When an order is placed, the call goes directly to the quarry in Tennessee where the product is mined and cut to size.  The quarry takes great pride in providing world-class customer service, which is possible due to direct distribution and the dedicated stone professionals that manage the entire process from the time the stone is mined until the wholesale customer receives their order.

As every stone contractor knows, customers prefer real stone products over synthetic stone, provided they can afford the real stone.  Now real stone flagstone treads will be within the reach of more consumers than ever before because of the low wholesale pricing that is now available to stone contractors.  This savings benefits the end consumer as well as the stone contractor, creating a “win-win” for everyone involved!

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