Create Stunning Pillars with Stone Veneer

Do you love the look and elegant style of stone pillars or columns? These classic features are a beautiful way to adorn your gate entrances and other areas around your home. Unfortunately, creating solid stone pillars can be expensive, difficult and time consuming. Another option is using thin natural stone veneer to create the look of solid stone pillars quicker and with less expense.

What is Stone Veneer?

Veneer has similar benefits of durability, beauty and easy maintenance as natural stone. Many homes and features you see with natural stone are not made with solid stone pieces. Stone veneer is a thin stone covering that can be used as siding to create the look of natural stone masonry. There are manufactured varieties, but you can purchase veneer that is made from natural stone to create the look of authentic stone without the high price tag.

Building Pillars with Stone Veneer

With natural stone veneer, you can disguise any material used to make your columns or pillars. The pillars can be made from wood or concrete, then covered with the thin stone veneer to create the appearance of a solid stone structure. Since the stone veneer is cut thin, you get the appearance of a complete stone without the weight or cost. Mortar can be used to attach the thin pieces to the outside of your pillars, creating the style you desire without the hassle or expense of building the entire structure from stone.

Stone pillars can add a stylish, classic element for porches, fence gates and as bollards for driveways. Visit your local quarry that offers thin stone veneer products to find the right stones and colors to create stunning pillars for your home.

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Using Natural Stone in Your Landscape Design

More and more homeowners are moving away from the cookie-cutter looks of contemporary home design in favor of the natural beauty of stone. Whether it is stone veneer exterior, flagstone walkways, or natural stone retaining walls, the uses are endless and the effects are nothing short of breath-taking.

Natural stone cut to fit for your application adds a depth of beauty and timeless character unmatched by modern construction styles. Most types of landscaping stone are more resistant to staining or cracking than concrete and are more durable than other paving materials. For a given area, paving can be done with less material using stone than other paving materials.

Backyard patios, fireplaces and retaining walls can be styled and shaped to fit any area and décor. You can choose from an endless array of colors and cuts to give your outdoor kitchen the perfect rough-hewn man-cave attitude you’ve been looking for. Or build a pizza oven that looks Old World and makes you want to cook outdoors all year-round.

Establish right from the curb that your home is your castle with landscape boulders. Neighbors can look on in envy, but they can’t take those away from you. Boulders can also serve as a natural barrier for security or commercial use. Prevent vehicles from breaching a perimeter with strategic boulder installation, as an effective yet visually appealing defensive barrier.

Find a local stone landscaping company and check out all of the incredible options available to you. Gorgeous natural stone from select regions that can be shipped to you, and installed to your specifications. Your local stone landscaping professionals can help you choose the right style, color and cut of stone that suits your landscape.

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