Create Stunning Pillars with Stone Veneer

Do you love the look and elegant style of stone pillars or columns? These classic features are a beautiful way to adorn your gate entrances and other areas around your home. Unfortunately, creating solid stone pillars can be expensive, difficult and time consuming. Another option is using thin natural stone veneer to create the look of solid stone pillars quicker and with less expense.

What is Stone Veneer?

Veneer has similar benefits of durability, beauty and easy maintenance as natural stone. Many homes and features you see with natural stone are not made with solid stone pieces. Stone veneer is a thin stone covering that can be used as siding to create the look of natural stone masonry. There are manufactured varieties, but you can purchase veneer that is made from natural stone to create the look of authentic stone without the high price tag.

Building Pillars with Stone Veneer

With natural stone veneer, you can disguise any material used to make your columns or pillars. The pillars can be made from wood or concrete, then covered with the thin stone veneer to create the appearance of a solid stone structure. Since the stone veneer is cut thin, you get the appearance of a complete stone without the weight or cost. Mortar can be used to attach the thin pieces to the outside of your pillars, creating the style you desire without the hassle or expense of building the entire structure from stone.

Stone pillars can add a stylish, classic element for porches, fence gates and as bollards for driveways. Visit your local quarry that offers thin stone veneer products to find the right stones and colors to create stunning pillars for your home.

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5 Ways to Use Natural Stone Veneer

Do you love the look of natural stone, but building with natural stone is too expensive? You can have the best of both worlds, lowers costs and beautiful style, with natural stone veneer. This product is created from natural stone and is cut into thin sheets that can make it look like a solid stone structure. Here are five ways to use natural stone veneer around your home to add beauty and value.

  1. Siding. Stone veneer is perfect for adding a stone entry around your front door or partial stone for around the circumstance of the exterior. It can be added at any point, changing and updating the entire appearance of an older home.
  2. Fireplaces. Have an old brick mantle you wish was natural stone? Stone veneers can replace the exterior of your fireplace for a natural style.
  3. Outdoor kitchens. Many homeowners are adding outdoor kitchens to expand their outdoor living space and entertaining options. Blend your outdoor kitchen in with your natural stone patio with stone veneer for the cabinetry.
  4. Entrance pillars. Want natural stone entrance pillars at the entrance of your driveway without the expense? Cover concrete, brick or wooden pillars with stone veneer to create the look you desire at a lower cost.
  5. Natural interiors. Stone veneer can create a natural look for bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens inside your home, giving it an upscale appearance.

Almost any surface can be covered with natural stone veneer for a gorgeous new look. Talk to your local quarry that offer stone veneer to learn more about the options available for your next home improvement project.

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Add Class and Style to Your Home with Stone Veneers

There’s nothing like stone or brick to give your home a classical, elegant style. Unfortunately, the cost of building a home from stone is astronomical, making it very rare. If you love the look of stone homes but don’t have an unlimited budget, there is an option available which offers a fraction of the cost of true stone. Stone veneer siding can transform your ordinary home into the stone home of your dreams. 

Stone Veneer Siding Options

Although there are many stone veneer siding options available, one of the most affordable and preferred for both homeowners and builders is thin, natural stone veneer. This siding is made from real stones, not manufactured. There are several benefits to using this type siding versus manufactured stone siding or thicker stone veneers. 

  • Unique, real stone. Thin stone veneers use real stones so each home is unique. This prevents the patterns that emerge from using man-made stone siding, with each veneer completely unique in color and pattern.
  • Durable. Thin stone veneers are chip and scratch resistant, unlike many manufactured stone sidings. Natural stone will hold up to the elements, just as it has for thousands of years.
  • Affordable. The biggest savings with thin stone veneers is in the transportation costs. Due to their lower weight in comparison to other stone products, they cost much less to ship and require fewer structural changes to accommodate. 

If you are building a new home or looking to give your existing home a new look, consider the option of using thin stone veneers for your exterior. It can give you the natural stone exterior you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the cost. Talk to your local stone supplier to discuss the stone veneers options available.

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