Are You Using Local Soil for Your Landscaping and Garden?

Do you know where the soil you buy for your landscaping and gardening projects is from? You may wonder if it matters. While top soil for paving projects may not make a difference, when it comes to planting in your backyard, the soil you buy can impact the health of your plants. Here are a few reasons that buying local top soil can make a difference in your landscaping.

Native Plants Thrive in Native Soil

The soil from the Midwest is different than the soil in the Southeast or on the West Coast. It is not just the climate that is different in these regions; the soils are different as well. Some plants prefer sandy soil, while others do better in denser soils that retain moisture. When you buy bagged soil or top soil from a landscape supplier, it is important to know where that soil is from if you will be using it for planting.

Local soil may be best for native plants, having the right density and pH balance. For planting, look for landscape supplier that offers local top soil that is mixed with composted top soil to add the organic materials needed for healthy plant growth. Local top soil is also perfect for creating the soil layer for sod planting and other leveling projects.

Not all top soil is the same and not all plants need the same type of soil. When planning your garden and landscaping projects, start with the right top soil from a quality landscape supplier. Talk to the experts on whether local soil will be better for your planting needs and what types of soils they offer to give you the best results in your yard.

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