Advantages of Adding Mulch to Your Landscaping

Fresh laid mulch can make your gardens and landscaping areas look neat and tidy, but there is much more to mulch than just appearance. Mulch is a landscaping staple for the many advantages it offers. Mulch comes in many forms, including many types of bark or wood mulch, pine straw and other options. Here are some of the advantages of adding mulch to your landscaping besides aesthetics. 

  • Moisture control. Mulch is often used to hold in moisture in the soil. During the hot summers, water is at a premium. Keeping the moisture in the soil saves on irrigation and benefits your plants, trees and shrubs.
  • Preventing erosion. Mulch can help prevent erosion of top soil, especially on slopes and hills, keeping the nutrient-rich soil in place to feed your plantings.
  • Protecting roots. Mulch is used to protect the roots of trees and shrubs. Spreading mulch around the trunks of trees and around large shrubs can benefit the health of these larger plants.
  • Weed control. Laying mulch can prevent weed growth and keep your landscaping neat with low maintenance. Weeds not only detract for the beauty of your landscaping, they steal nutrients from the other plants.
  • During the winter months, mulch can insulate the soil and anything underneath. Often mulch is used above in-ground plumbing or septic areas to prevent freezing.
  • Adds nutrients. Some mulches breakdown over time and add extra nutrients to the soil.

While it is not mandatory to use mulch in landscaping, the benefits are plentiful. To determine the right mulch for your landscaping needs, consult with your local landscape supply store.

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