Creative Ways to Use Boulders in Your Landscaping

Boulders are nature’s building blocks, coming in all shapes and sizes, with variances in color. From small boulders that are easily moved to large boulders that weigh hundreds of pounds, each is unique and can make a wonderful addition to your landscaping design. Here are some creative ways to use boulders in your home’s landscaping to add interest and function.

  • Driveway perimeter. Tired of people accidentally driving on your lawn? Large boulders are the perfect perimeter for your driveway to keep vehicles off your lawn. Unlike a fence that will be damaged if it is hit by a vehicle, boulders will stay intact and withstand a bumper hitting them every so often.
  • Garden edging. Small boulders make a great edging for garden areas and borders for your lawn. You can use similar sized boulders or add in different sizes for depth.
  • Creek beds. The most beautiful drainage option is the dry creek bed that offers a natural option to reduce water on your property. Boulders of various sizes can be used to enhance the effect of a natural creek flowing through your yard.
  • Giant boulders are a great option for patio furniture. They can be used as end tables, planters and even chairs. Boulders are wonderful for seating around the fire pit, with no worries of sparks ruining your natural furniture.

There are many ways to incorporate boulders into your landscaping in interesting and unique ways. Boulder come in many options and can vary in color and will last a lifetime. To find the best options, visit a quality quarry that offers many sizes and shapes of boulders for your use.

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