What Are the Benefits of Using Aquasorb?

Does it seem like the water you use in your irrigation just disappears, yet your lawn and gardens are left thirsty for more? Water can evaporate quickly, or soak down into the soil, needing replacement frequently and adding to your watering costs. One option for soil moisture improvement is using Aquasorb, a soil enhancement that stores water to keep it available for your plants.

What is Aquasorb?

Aquasorb is a moisture retainer for the soil, made from aniocic polyacrylamide polymer that can hold up to 400% its weight in water. When added to the soil for lawns or gardens, it absorbs the moisture and keeps the level perfect for growth. It can absorb extra water that can drown roots, then release it as needed when the soil begins to become too dry. Some of the benefits include:

  • Perfect soil moisture for sustained times
  • Reducing irrigation costs – 20-25% less water is needed for plant/grass maintenance
  • Improve health of plants and grass
  • Improve the root system
  • Ideal for transporting plants from one place to another
  • Enhances sod applications

Aquasorb comes in different varieties, depending on where and how it will be used, with particles ranging from, 03 to 4.0 millimeters. The product can be added to water or to soil, and is useful for residential and commercial applications, even for large agricultural projects.

If you want to improve the moisture content of your soil and reduce the amount of watering needed for plant growth, visit your local landscape supplier to learn more about Aquasorb. It could be the best way to improve the health of your lawn and gardens, while minimizing your irrigation frequency.

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