Improve Your Tree Health with New Mulch

Mulch or beauty bark is often seen as a tool to tidy up landscaping around bushes and larger plants. However, it has a function beyond just aesthetics. Mulch can be used to protect the moisture in the soil and can add nutrients as it breaks down; it is also not just for bushes or shrubs. Mulch can be beneficial for trees of all sizes and an important aspect of keeping them healthy.

Why Should You Mulch Around Trees?

Trees may be the biggest plants in your yard, but they need protection and care. As the giants, they need more water and nutrients than other plants, but they must fight for what they get. Mulch can help protect the roots of your trees from damage and keep the moisture in the soil. The right type of mulch can also add nutrients to your soil that trees can use to thrive.

When Should You Mulch

Most mulch needs to be replaced at least once a year. Spring is a common time when mulch is replaced, getting the landscaping ready for the warmer summer months ahead. Keeping a layer of 3-4 inches of mulch around your trees can give them extra protection from root exposure and help improve the moisture of the soil. Plus, it has the added benefit of improving the aesthetics of your landscaping.

When placing mulch, make a 3-foot circle around the tree of no more than 4-inches deep of mulch, but keep the mulch away from the tree’s trunk. This will give adequate protection for the roots from the cold and heat, while preserving moisture. Talk to your local landscape supplier about the available options in mulch for your landscaping needs.

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