Why Is Quality Top Soil for Gardening Important?

If you are trying to create a healthy garden, flowers, vegetable or both, one of the basic rules is having good soil for your plants. Adding top soil to your existing planting areas is important, but you may wonder if there is really a difference between top soils you can purchase. Any veteran gardener will tell you that the quality of top soil you add is a vital component of success. Here are a few tips to ensure the top soil you buy for your garden is good quality for the best results.

Make Sure It Looks Clean

Good top soil should be free from sticks, rocks and other contaminants. A quality top soil will be filtered and run through a screening process to remove debris that is not helpful to the soil.

Ask About PH Balance

A knowledgeable landscape supplier will be able to tell you the PH balance of their top soil. You want a blend that will be a good base for your flowers and produce. You can add fertilizer to enrich it, but it should be a well-balanced soil to begin with.

Buy Top Soil from a Bulk Supplier

While you can find bags of top soil at many stores, it is not necessarily the best way to purchase good soil for your gardens. You often cannot see the soil and have no idea whether it looks clean or healthy. Buy from a bulk supplier – even if they do offer bags. A quality supplier cleans and creates their own top soil and you can be assured of the consistency. Ask about bulk delivery or buy it in bags for easy transporting.

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