Using Tennessee Fieldstone For Landscaping

Tennessee is home to some of the most beautiful stone quarries in the country. When looking for quality and beauty for rock landscaping features such as retaining walls, fire pits or water features, Tennessee Fieldstone is an excellent choice. The naturally weathered look of this hardy stone is perfect for almost any outdoor hardscape or landscape needs.

Why Tennessee Fieldstone?

Although there are fieldstones from all over the country, Tennessee has become known for its fieldstone due to the unique colors and textures that the stones from this region have. These stones are exported all over the country and beyond for use in both interior and exterior stone designs and features.

Sizes, Shapes And Thickness

Depending on what you will be using the stones to create, there are different sizes, shapes and thickness available for Tennessee fieldstone. Some of the different varieties that can found are:

  • Steppers. These generally come with naturally rounded edges, used for patios, walk ways and other ground covers. Thickness, shape and size can vary.
  • Cap Stones. Fieldstone cap are stones with a flat, smoother surface that are used to “cap” retaining walls and ledges. These can come in variety of thickness, from thin to thick.
  •  Stack. Stacking stones are your main building stones, coming in a variety of lengths and thickness. Most range from four to six inches in thickness.

 Whatever stone landscaping or hardscaping project you are doing, Tennessee fieldstone can add a beautiful, rustic look that is unique. These region specific stones are sought after and can be just the ingredient to make your landscaping design the envy of all the neighbors.