Is Polymer Sand Better for Stabilizing Pavers?

If you are a landscape professional or just a DIY homeowner, you know having the right products can make a big difference. If you are building a paver patio, driveway or walkway, knowing the right sand to use between the pavers can make a substantial difference. Using natural sand is no longer considered the best practice for stabilizing pavers. Instead, polymer dust and sand products offer more advantages than natural sand. Here are some of the benefits.

No Sealer Needed

Polymer sand is less likely to erode or move than natural sand, so no sealer is needed for paver surfaces with polymer used for filler. This can save time and money, making it easier to build your paved surface. With gator dust, all you need to do is sweep away excess and add water to “seal” your paver project.

Better Weed Control

Natural sand can offer a place for weeds to take up root and ruin the look of your paved surface. Polymer products like sand and gator dust provide excellent weed control, stopping almost all plants growth between pavers.

Better Pest Control

Ants love sand, but not when it is made from polymer. Putting polymer sand between your pavers can prevent ant hills and other pests that prefer natural sand and soil for their homes.

Less Erosion

Polymer sands and gator dust stay in place when the rains and winds come. This can stop erosion, ensuring your paved surface lasts longer without shifting or settling issues.

Start your next paver surface project off right. When you visit your local quarry to pick out your pavers, ask about polymer products like polymer sand or gator dust for quality stabilization for your pavers.

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Why Use Polymers Instead Of Just Sand?

Sand has long been used as the go-to substances for holding paving stones or bricks in place in driveways, walkways and patios. Although it is often still used, sand made with polymers has entered the market and provides a better solution to interlocking pavers and bricks. The chemical make-up and design allows for better stability and weed deterrent than sand alone.

What Is Polymeric Sand?

Polymeric sand is essentially sand with polymers added to the mix. Most use quartz and/or crystalline silica polymers. Polymers give the sand a better weight and resistance, allowing it to fill in the gaps between paving stones or bricks without the issues that are involved with sand alone. With the use of polymers, the sand does not need to be sealed to harden and solidify between the joints.

Many landscape companies and contractors have moved to using polymeric sand for one simple reason; it lasts longer and works better than sand alone. Some of the benefits of using sand with polymers include:

–         Less washout. Sand often is displaced when heavy rains or storms hit. Polymeric sand stays in place and does not wash out like plain sand.

–         No sealer needed. Adding sealer costs more and takes more time, giving polymeric sand an economic edge over sand.

–         Great weed control. Sand with polymers gives excellent protection against weeds, some argue much better than sand alone.

–         Better paver protection. Polymeric sand can help improve the life of bricks and pavers by reducing the water seepage below them.

Most professionals will agree that when laying paving stones or bricks, that polymeric sand is the best option available.

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Use Gator Dust for Natural Stone Paving Projects

Gator dust is a polymer product widely used in landscaping as a top quality joint sealant with both aesthetic and functional applications. Filling the joints between wetcast and natural stone paving units with gator dust prevents unsightly weeds from springing up and stabilizes pavers for a satisfyingly long-lasting installation. Gator dust is also used to repair cracks in distressed surfaces and to seal paved surfaces for a more aesthetically-pleasing finish. Gator dust is available in dark gray and beige colors that complement the look of natural stone.

The bonding power of gator dust lies in the product’s polymeric base. Made from a unique, scientific blend of polymer binders, graded sand and other additives, gator dust has a very firm bonding action. This product has been formulated specifically for all types of natural stone applications; gator dust should never be used with concrete paving systems since it leaves a white reside on concrete surfaces. Gator dust works equally well on both level and inclined surfaces and when used properly, it provides a remarkably dense compaction that will lock natural stones securely in place for years.

When using gator dust, it is important to know that water has a marked effect on the material. Gator dust should only be installed during dry weather conditions since excess moisture will undermine the product’s performance. Similarly, gator dust should only be used on paving surfaces with a proper drainage bed system since surplus water retention will soften the filler, potentially destabilizing the installation.

Altogether, gator dust has many benefits. It puts a stop to unwanted sprouting, helps prevent soil erosion and adds an attractive final touch to natural stone features. It may be applied to stone patios, walkways, driveways and even pool decks. With great ease of maintenance and fine durability, gator dust just may be the perfect sealing system for your masonry needs.