Benefits of Buying Bulk Landscape Supplies

Are you in the habit of buying landscape supplies in bags or boxes from your local big-box home improvement center? While this may seem simple enough, you may be missing out on the benefits of buying bulk. There are several reasons to ditch the trip to the box store and contact your local landscape supplier for bulk products. Consider these benefits of buying bulk landscape supplies for your next project.

More Options

Whether you are looking for mulch or gravel, a bulk landscape supply store can give you many more options than your typical home improvement center. This is their specialty, helping you find the best product for your project, not just the one that is most commonly used. You can find several different types of each product and unique options not found in most box home improvement centers.

Better Prices

When you buy in bulk, you tend to get better pricing. You are not paying for packaging, just the actual product. This is especially important for larger projects. If you are landscaping your yard and need soil, gravel, mulch and other landscape supplies, consider the cost savings of buying bulk. Not only is it cheaper by volume, you can get the exact amount you need for your project without buying excess.

Delivery Options

Don’t break your back hauling bags of rocks, gravel and soil, or loading paver stones. Many bulk landscape supply stores offer delivery right to your home. This saves you time and stress on your body, and can reduce damage or wear on your vehicles.

For your next landscaping project, get the right products at a better price by buying bulk landscape supplies. Visit your local landscape supplier that offers bulk products to checkout their selection, pricing and delivery options.

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Estimate the Cost of your Landscaping Work

Before getting started on your landscaping project, it’s important that you accurately estimate how much it is going to cost you from start to finish. If you are hiring a landscaping company to do the work for you, then you should expect them to come to your home, assess the site and work out the costs of all materials.

However if you have decided to tackle the job yourself, then the responsibility of estimating the costs and materials will fall on you. It is important that you make an accurate estimate to ensure that you don’t run out of funds half way through the project and leave your yard in a bigger mess than before you started. 

To begin with you need to take measurements of the yard or area that requires work so that you know how much materials are required. Then, using your landscape design, you need to source the materials that are going to be used. The cost of materials can vary between landscape materials suppliers and can vary widely in different regions depending in part on the distance the materials have to be shipped.    If you plan to use Tennessee fieldstone, the price you pay at your landscape supplier in Florida will be significantly higher than the cost at the quarry in Tennessee due to the shipping costs.  

Also, remember that quality materials may cost a little more but they will benefit you in the long run. In addition to hardscaping materials such as natural stone and cement don’t forget to include the softscaping materials such as soil, plants, shrubs, and trees. You need to have an idea of what plants, shrubs and trees you want as the prices of these items can vary dramatically. Again, native local plants and trees are generally less expensive and will grwo weel in your climate.