7 Uses for Landscape Timbers

While natural stone has become the go-to landscape material for many projects, landscape timbers can be a great alternative. They are light, inexpensive and are versatile, making them an outdoor building material that most DIY landscapers can use easily for backyard projects. Here are seven ideas on how to use landscape timbers in your landscaping in the upcoming season.

  1. Flower bed. Landscape timbers can quickly create a raised flower bed anywhere in your yard. Three or four stacked make a shallow flower bed that can be installed in just a few hours.
  2. Edging. Want to create an edge or border for your yard or garden? Use landscape timbers to create a wood border for a clean appearance.
  3. Retaining wall. Need to stabilize a slope or want to create a tiered planting area on a hill? Landscape timbers can be used to build small retaining walls around your property.
  4. Hillside steps. Carve steps into your hillside and frame them with landscape timbers. Fill the interior with gravel for natural steps up your slope.
  5. Fencing. Timbers can make a simple wood fence for around your garden or as a border to your lawn or driveway.
  6. Planters. You can build smaller planters or raised planters for starting your garden with some spare timbers.
  7. Build a pergola. If you are handy with a hammer, landscape timbers can be used to build a beautiful pergola for your patio area.

There are so many ways to use landscape timbers in your landscaping. Visit your local landscape supplier to check out the different options in timbers available and bring a load home for your next landscape project.

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