Does Your Gravel Driveway Need Maintenance?

The great thing about gravel driveways is that they are the most affordable type of driveway to install. Unfortunately, this low initial cost comes with a price tag: higher maintenance. Gravel driveways require the most work for homeowners, needing consistent upkeep to maintain a level, evenly covered surface. If your gravel driveway is beginning to look uneven, with potholes and areas of sparse gravel rock, it is time to do some maintenance. 

Regular Maintenance Needed For Gravel Driveways

Homeowners with gravel driveways should expect to spend time a few times a year on maintenance. This can be as simple as raking the driveway to even out the gravel rock. It can also involve adding more gravel and either renting equipment for compacting and leveling or hiring a contractor. Here are some of the maintenance items which should be attended regularly to keep your gravel driveway even and level: 

  • Rake, shovel and tamping. For small issues with gravel displacement, you can use a shovel to fill in small holes, then rake over the driveway to even the surface. You will want to tamp the gravel down as tightly as possible.
  • Drainage. Water is the gravel driveways natural enemy, washing away your small rocks. You need to have adequate gravel to create a higher surface than the surrounding land, so that water does not pool on your driveway.
  • Resurface. There will be times when you need to add more pea gravel to your driveway, basically resurfacing the entire area. You can rent a tractor, grader blade and other equipment to do it yourself or hire a contractor to come level and compact the new rock. 

You landscape supply or gravel outlet should have the gravel you will need to perform regular maintenance on your driveway. It may also be beneficial to keep extra gravel on hand to make small repairs and fills as needed throughout the year.

Posted on behalf of Find Local Landscape Supply