Creative Ways to Use Pavers and Flagstone

Everyone knows pavers are great for driveways, patios and walkways. When you want a more dramatic appearance, flagstone and other natural stones can also be used to create a paved surface. However, there are other ways to use pavers and flagstone around your home to add function and beauty. Here are a few creative ideas to implement paving stones in your outdoor spaces.

BBQ Grill Platform

Make a flat platform for your grill in your backyard. Pavers are a quick and easy option to make a nice grilling area that gives your grill an even surface. If you put your grill on grass, it is often unlevel. This can make it hard to get the right seal for your lid to seal in the smoke and heat. A paved platform adds function and style for outdoor cooking.

Stair Treads

Have a slope or hill in your yard that is hard to climb? Use flagstone or other stone slabs to make natural stone stair treads that make it easy to climb your hill while adding beauty to your backyard.

Fire Pit Safety

If you have a fire pit in your backyard, paving around the pit is a good idea. This eliminates worries of sparks starting dry grass on fire.

Raised Flower Gardens

Paving stones are great for retaining walls, which can make an excellent raised flower bed or garden. Use natural stone for a classic look or formed pavers for a clean, modern style for your raised garden.

Pavers and natural stones like flagstone are very versatile and easy to maintain. Visit your local quarry and landscape supplier to check out the different options available for your next outdoor project.

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