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Putnals Premium Pine Straw

Putnals Premium Pine Straw

Wholesale Pine Straw for Landscape Supply Stores

Putnals Premium Pine Straw
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Mayo, FL 32066
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If you own a landscape supply store in the Southeast, you know how popular pine straw is for mulch. Both residential and commercial customers are looking for the high quality pine straw for their landscaping and ground cover needs. At Putnals Premium Pine Straw, we have been partnering with the best landscape supply stores to provide the finest pine straw in the southeast for over 40 years.

We know how important having the best materials and products is for your landscape supply business. That is why we only sell and deliver top grade pine straw to all our customers. Find out why our customers only buy Putnals’ pine straw for their businesses.

Wholesale Premium Pine Straw

Why can we call our pine straw premium? Putnals’ pine straw is premium due to the time and effort we put into every bale we make. We clean and sort our pine straw by hand, feeding it into our balers personally to ensure nothing but the best product is in every consistently-sized bale. It is that dedication to detail that allows us to attach the premium title to our wholesale pine straw.

Sell Only Top Quality Bulk Pine Straw

You want only the best products for your customers. We feel the same way. From the pine straw we harvest to our baling and delivery procedures, we strive to only sell the best, top quality bulk pine straw to our customers.

We offer three different size bales in bulk pine straw and offer convenient delivery. To ensure you always get the pine straw you need for your business, even in the busiest season, we use our own fleet of delivery trucks. This allows us to schedule all deliveries in a timely manner, making sure you have the inventory for your customers.

Call us today to learn more about our affordable rates and delivery options for your landscape supply business. We hope to be your premium pine straw dealer for many years to come!

(800) 462-1795

4987 East U.S. 27
Mayo, Florida 32066

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