Basics About Sod Dressing

There are many tactics that can be used to improve the health of your lawn. One option is using sod dressing throughout the summer to change the soil composition and level of your yard. Sod dressing is made from sand and bio-degradable components and used in the top-dressing process to improve the health of your lawn. Here are some of the basics about this process and how it can help improve your lawn’s health.

Reasons to Add Sod Dressing

There are a few lawn issues that sod dressing can treat. If you have the following problems, sod dressing could be beneficial:

  • Unlevel lawn
  • Thick thatch
  • Low nutrients in the soil
  • Low PH levels

Adding sod dressing can help fill in low spots in the lawn, while hastening the thatch breakdown. As the biodegradable ingredients decompose, they can add nutrients to the soil and increase the PH levels. There are different types of sod dressing for various grass types, suited to the nutrient needs of each grass.

Top Dressing Lawns

To add sod dressing, it is usually best to wait until you have completed your first three spring mows, giving the grass the opportunity to establish strong roots. Then the lawn can be cut to about a ½ inch to an inch, or scalped. Use the top dressing to fill in low areas. Once the lawn has leveled over the next few weeks, scalp again and apply sod dressing to the entire lawn for overall thatch reduction and improved soil composition.

If your lawn needs rejuvenation, top dressing can be a possible solution. Visit your local landscape supplier to find the right sod dressing for your type of grass to get the best results.

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