The Top 3 Stones to Use for Landscaping

Stone is the perfect material to build your hardscapes in your landscaping. Stone blends naturally into your setting while providing a durable surface. The type of stone you use depends on the project you are doing and your desired result. Here are three of the stones popular for using in landscaping projects and their best attributes.

  1. Fieldstone. Fieldstones were created by glaciers and are irregular in shape. Many have been above ground, giving them round, smooth edges from exposure. Fieldstones can be used “as-is” to build retaining walls, seating walls, fences and other structures. They can also be cut to make a flat surface. Their irregular shape offers a natural outline for pavers around ponds or to create a garden path.
  2. Flagstone. Flagstone are quarried sedimentary rocks that are cut into slabs. The flat surface of flagstone and semi-uniform shapes makes them a natural choice for patios and pool decks. While they can also be used to build retaining walls and other structures, you will often see them uses as natural flooring.
  3. River rock. Another popular option for landscaping is river rocks and boulders. These are natural rocks, usually round in shape from exposure to water. These are beautiful options for edging or focal points. Boulders can make a natural divider or fence for lawn edges or even used as furniture.

Using stone in your landscaping adds texture and dimension. While there are many man-made pavers that are functional for building hardscapes, nothing man-made has the same durability and beauty of natural stone. Visit your local quarry or stone supplier to learn more about the options available to enhance your landscaping with natural stone.

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