Upgrade Your Outdoor Space with a Flagstone Fireplace

What is missing from your outdoor patio? If you love relaxing and entertaining outdoors, you most likely spend most summer and fall nights on your patio. One element that can add beauty, light and warmth to your outdoor space is a fireplace. Make it even more special by designing it from stunning flagstone for a classic, elegant style.

Choosing Your Design

For outdoor fireplaces, you can choose from two basic designs: mantel or fire pit. Both can be created from stylish flagstone, but have different advantages.

  • Mantel fireplace. An outdoor mantel fireplace creates a regal appearance to your patio, making your outdoor space into a second living room under the sky. This is best for adding light and warmth, with limited space to “gather” around the fire.
  • Fire pit. For a more casual style, a fire pit can be a better choice. Seating can be placed around the fire pit, great for a “camping” atmosphere with friends and family on your back patio. You can get closer to the heat and even roast foods over the flames for late night treats.

On top of the type of fireplace design, you want to make sure your new fire feature is safe. Flagstone is a perfect material for the fireplace and surrounding paving to prevent sparks from igniting. You can even create flagstone benches or chairs that will withstand the heat and flames with natural fire resistance.

If fire is what is missing from your outdoor space, consider adding a fantastic flagstone fireplace. It can add beauty and function for evenings outside, with the durability of flagstone to last for decades to come.

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