Tips For Buying Planting Soil

As spring approaches, thoughts turn to planting flowers and plants in your garden or yard. Depending on what you are planting and where, you will most likely also need some soil to add to your existing flowerbeds, potted plants or garden to enhance the nutrient content. There are many different types of soil and compositions that can be used but to get the best results, you want to make sure you are buying the correct soil for your planting needs. 

Soil Factors To Consider

There are many different kinds of soil but there are also types of compositions to consider. The soil you would buy for a potted plant that you intend to transplant later into your garden will differ from the soil you would buy for your flower garden. When looking at soil, three types are common among the choices: 

–          Organic and non-organic. Organic soil contains organisms that adds nutrients to the soil and can be used over and over again. This is best for gardens or soil that will be re-used. Non-organic soil is fortified with fertilizer and other nutrients that are added, but will be depleted after one season. 

–          Soil weight. The weight of the soil determines how much moisture it will hold. Most plants in direct sun will need a medium weight soil to hold moisture, where plants in the shade can use a lighter weight. 

–          Fertilizer. The type of fertilizer that is best for plants differs greatly. Make sure to read instructions on soils containing fertilizer on feeding instructions or consult your landscape supply store. 

Getting the right soil can make all the difference when planting. Once you choose your plants, make sure you also choose the right soil that will help them flourish.