Advantages of Using Modular Block for Your Retaining Wall

While natural stone can make a beautiful retaining wall, there are some advantages to choosing modular blocks. Man-made modular blocks are easily available and are very durable for building stable structures for landscaping, including retaining walls. If you are planning on building a retaining wall as a summer project, consider these advantages of using modular blocks versus natural stone.

  • Uniform size. One of the biggest advantages of modular blocks is that they are easy to stack and build with due to their uniform size and shape. Modular blocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but whatever you choose, every block will be the same.
  • Curved walls. If you want to build a curved retaining wall, modular blocks are an excellent choice. You have more flexibility in design shapes with formed blocks that can be easily stacked in different designs.
  • Low maintenance. Modular block retaining walls do not require mortar and are easy to maintain once they are in place. Without mortar, you will not need to worry about the blocks cracking, which is another advantage.
  • Affordability. Last, but certainly not least, modular blocks are an affordable alternative to natural stone. With the extra money you save on your retaining wall, you can plan another project for your yard this summer.

Both natural stone and modular blocks are viable options for building your retaining wall, but if you are looking for an affordable, versatile material, modular blocks may be a good choice for your project. Talk to your local landscape supplier that offers modular block and natural stone to determine the best material for your new retaining wall.

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Easier Retaining Walls with Modular Block

Soil erosion can be a very real problem, especially on properties with steep or unnatural slopes. The most common method of combating soil erosion is the installation of a retaining wall, which can be both expensive and labor intensive when natural stone is used. Fortunately, there is an aesthetically pleasing, less expensive alternative to natural stone for retaining walls: modular block. 

Why Use Modular Block?

While it’s often more cost-effective to opt for modular block over natural stone, there are also a host of other benefits to using these innovative tools for retaining wall construction. Because site preparation requirements are less stringent than other retaining wall alternatives, installation can be quicker and less difficult. These durable blocks require very little in the way of maintenance, and because mortar is not used during the construction process, they’re also naturally resistant to cracking. 

The interlocking design provides a greater level of stability, making do-it-yourself projects with modular blocks much more feasible than building a retaining wall with natural stone. Modular blocks are designed to resist sliding and remain upright. 

Choosing the Right Modular Blocks

As with any other landscaping or hardscape project, choosing the right modular blocks for the job will depend not only upon your personal tastes, but also the best style for to meet the unique needs of your property. Working with a landscape supply company whose staff is knowledgeable and reputable can offer you a great opportunity to learn more about modular blocks and how they should be installed. If you’re in need of a retaining wall and natural stone isn’t your first choice, modular blocks can provide you with a beautiful, durable and easier alternative.

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