Boulder Fire Pits for a Unique Style

A fire pit can add light and heat to your outdoor living space. Imagine late nights conversing around a fire, right in your backyard. Make s’mores, stay warm and light up the night with a fire pit that also matches your style. If you love a natural look, a boulder fire pit may be the perfect style for your patio.

You will see many different types of fire pits if you spend some time on Pinterest. Brick, concrete, pavers and natural stone are common materials to create a fire pit for your patio. However, boulder fire pits are less common, yet can be a unique option for those who want a natural-style fire feature. Large boulders can last for decades, making a perfect enclosure for your fire.

Types of Boulder Fire Pits

While you can use boulders that are free-standing to make a fire pit, for a cleaner, professional design, mortar is necessary. Boulders can be used to create the main border, with mortar in between to create even and solid walls. Another option is going big – a boulder large enough to encompass the fire on its own. Creating a dip on the top of a giant boulder is the ultimate in natural stone fire pits, a beautiful focal point for your patio.

If you want to build a unique boulder fire pit, it all starts with finding the right boulders. Visit your local quarry that has boulders for sale to find the right sizes and shapes for your new fire pit. You can create a fire pit that will last for many years, adding beauty, warmth and light to your outdoor space.

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5 Creative Uses for Boulders in Your Landscape Design

What can you do with a large boulder in your yard? Plenty! Boulders can add depth and dimension to your landscape design in a variety of ways. There is something about natural stone that can add beauty to a yard that commonplace garden objects can’t offer. To give your landscaped yard a unique look, consider these five ideas for using boulders in your landscaping design.

  1. Focal point. Wherever you want to create a focal point, using a boulder can draw the eyes to that area. A giant boulder adorned with potted plants or maybe even flowers planted on the rock is a wonderful focal spot.
  2. Natural furniture. Do you have a fire pit in your backyard? Considering using boulders for natural seating around the fire. They will not burn or melt like many other outdoor chairs and offer a beautiful, natural look when not in use.
  3. Rock garden. Want to conserve water, yet need to fill your garden space? Create a rock garden with a few large boulders to add dimension and interest.
  4. Natural waterfalls. Want to create a beautiful waterfall in your yard? Large boulders can make an excellent base for your natural water feature.
  5. Edging. Boulders can create a natural edge and barrier for your yard or driveway. It is a great way to keep vehicles off your lawn with a beautiful edge of natural stone.

There is a wide variety of sizes, shapes and types of boulders available. Visit your local landscape supplier or quarry to find a large selection of boulders that can add beauty and depth to your landscape design.

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