Modular Block Retaining Walls

Do you have one of those sloping backyards that looks nice, but you can’t do much with it?  If you have been thinking about how to use that backyard for your children’s playground, a swimming pool, workshop, or patio, consider installing an attractive, functional retaining wall. 

Retaining walls can make an attractive addition to any landscape.  Retaining walls are both functional and beautiful.  They can be used to create a flat area in a sloping yard, or to control erosion, improve drainage, or to create a division between two areas such as your lawn and a flower bed.  Retaining walls can be built from many materials including timber, poured concrete, masonry blocks, stone, and other such materials. 

The design and installation of poured concrete retaining walls or retaining walls more than three feet tall are best left to a professional landscaper.   Improperly designed or installed retaining walls are a safety hazard because they can collapse, causing personal injuries and property damage. 

For retaining walls less than three feet tall, modular blocks offer an excellent alternative for the do-it-yourselfer to create attractive, functional retaining walls.  Modular blocks are a flexible and easy to use.  They rely on the weight of the blocks to hold them in place so you don’t need to use any mortar. 

Modular blocks are made with an interlocking system to add strength to the structure and they are molded with tapered sides so it is easy build smoothly curving walls.  Your local landscape supply store will have a wide variety of modular blocks to choose from and can help you design and install a great looking retaining wall.