Stylize Your Yard with Low-Maintenance Patio Pavers

If you are considering building a new patio or extending the outdoor living space in your yard, a paver patio is a low-maintenance option. Not only do stone or formed pavers look fabulous, they are easy to maintain. Here are some ideas for your new paver patio and tips on maintenance.

Types of Patio Pavers

There are many paver types to choose from for your new patio. You can create a natural look or a modern, contemporary style, all with the same low-maintenance attributes. Some options you can choose from include:

  • Field stones. Cut field stones can be wonderful for creating a natural stone patio.
  • Flagstones. Flagstones can be irregular in shape and are a gorgeous stone for patios and walkways since they are naturally flat.
  • Concrete pavers. For a uniform, modern look, concrete pavers are an excellent choice, coming in many shapes and colors for intricate designs.

Maintaining Paver Patios

Not only will a paver patio look great and add value to your home, they are easy to maintain. Pavers can last for many years and only require cleaning. Most pavers can be easily cleaned with just a broom and water. Plus, if repairs are needed down the road, you can replace individual pavers instead of replacing the entire patio.

If you are ready to begin building your new paver patio, visit your local quarry or landscape supply store. There are many options to choose from to build your new patio and most quality suppliers can deliver your pavers to your home. Once in place, your patio will provide a wonderful outdoor space that will be easy to care for and look beautiful for many years.

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5 Ways to Use Natural Stone in Your Landscape

Using natural stone in your landscape design can be a budget-friendly approach to building curb appeal in front and an amazing area of fun out back.

As state laws and municipal ordinances continue to limit lawn watering and thus lawn growth, it is perhaps wise to use natural stones to create better curb appeal for drought-tolerant yards. Thus, many environmentally aware homeowners are moving away from lawns altogether. Many are now utilizing natural stone in the design of their home landscapes. Using natural stone formations with boulders, gravel, cactus, stone walks and steps can create a stunning approach to your front-door that is nearly maintenance free.

Keep it simple out-front and build the fun outback or on the side of your home.  Here are five great landscaping ideas for natural stone, even if you choose to keep your lawn.

Using Natural Stone to Build that Fire-Pit

A fire-pit can be a nice, useful center-piece for your backyard. Imagine the fun you and your children will have with a long stick and some hot dogs or marshmallows. You might even imagine a round fire-pit with flat stone, high-back seating on one side and a Koi pond on the other to reflect that roaring fire. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination; actually, even without much imagination you can find a design you and your family will love on the internet. Since there are many intricacies to building a Koi pond and your fishes life depends on you getting it right, you should consult a professional before getting started.

A Natural Stone Patio

You can even imagine the back of that flat stone seating being the wall of your patio. Natural flat stones make excellent flooring for that patio. You may even choose to place a natural stone walk-down, hot tub just off the patio. Use boulders, gravel, and flagstone step treads to create a unique, natural looking stairway down to your backyard area from your patio. Once again, let your imagination run wild to design and create a backyard everyone will admire.

The Pool Area

In the pool area, you can continue with flagstone or utilize fieldstone, another excellent choice of landscape construction stone normally used for retaining walls and other projects. It is easily cut to your specifications to make your project look as natural as possible. Both flagstone and fieldstone are less slippery when wet than either marble or slate making those a better selection for use around the pool area.

An Outdoor Kitchen

An amazing outdoor kitchen can be crafted from natural stone; however, you may decide to mix in some modular blocks for your retaining walls to cut some of the expense. Modular blocks are easier for the do-it-yourselfer to work with, so these are an excellent alternative. Whichever you use, natural stone or modular blocks, don’t forget to include some “fun” gadgets, such as a smoker, rotisserie, or wood-fired pizza oven!

A Traditional Outdoor Fireplace

If you already have a magnificent fire-pit and outdoor kitchen you may decide against the outdoor fireplace, but just in case you decide on the fireplace in addition or in place of one or both of the others, here are a few things to consider. Like the fire-pit, the outdoor fireplace can be an excellent center-piece for your family’s outdoor activities.The outdoor stone fireplace is like a piece of art. The high smokestack is an amazing eye-catcher, as well as an eye-saver because the smokestack draws the smoke up and away from your backyard party.

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