Creating a Curved Flagstone Walkway

Flagstone is a stunning natural paving option for walkways. You can create paths that curve around your garden on your own if you know the tricks. A curved flagstone walkway is a great DIY project that can save you hundreds of dollars over hiring a professional. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started on building a gorgeous flagstone walkway with curves.

Outline Your Path

You can use a garden hose to create the outline of your curved walkway. This gives you a chance to try different options to find the look you desire. Make sure it is wide enough to walk on comfortably and avoid going over tree roots – these can cause problems down the road if they reach the surface. Once you choose a design, use spray paint to mark the outline of the walkway and calculate the square footage you will be covering.

Choose Your Flagstone

Flagstone comes in a variety of colors, shapes and thickness. Choose flagstone that is about 3” thick for walkways, reducing the chance it will crack, but thin enough to cut if needed. You will want natural shapes and various sizes to help you build your walkway and enough to fill the square footage needed. Your landscape supplier can help you choose the right stones for your project.

Build Your Walkway

You will need to dig about five inches down to build your walkway, then cover it with landscape fabric. Layer two inches of sand and tamper it down. Start in the middle of the path, putting pieces of flagstone in place like a puzzle. On the edges, trace the line where the stone overlaps the outline to make cuts in the stone to fit inside your pathway outline. Add small pieces between bigger stones to reduce gaps. Sweep fine sand over your flagstone to fill in between the stones.

It does take patience and hard work, but you can build a curved flagstone walkway that will be beautiful and functional. Carefully plan your project and take your time to ensure it turns out like you envision.

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Cutting Flagstone

Flagstone is a very popular type of stone used in a wide variety of landscaping projects from patios and walkways to fireplaces, walls, waterscapes.  When you need to cut flagstone to a desired size or shape, you have several options.  If you need a clean, straight cut you will need to borrow or rent a masonry saw.  If a rough or approximate edge is desired, you can score it with a circular saw or a hammer and chisel and break it along the score line.

To cut flagstones to an exact size or for a straight edge, rent a masonry saw from a tool rental facility or your local home improvement store. Mark a straight line on the flagstone and use the masonry saw to cut along the line.  Don’t try to force it or push too hard on the saw.  Let the weight of the saw and the saw blade do all of the work.  This is a very loud and dusty job so be sure to wear ear protection, googles, and a dust mask.

For a rough edge, use a hammer and a chisel to score along the line.  Turn the stone over and do the same thing on the other side.  Keep at it until the stone breaks along the line.  Don’t hit it too hard or the stone will split where you don’t want it to.

If the stone is too thick to break using a hammer and chisel, you can use a masonry blade in a circular saw to score the line in the stone.  These blades are not strong enough to easily cut through the whole stone, but they can cut a groove in the stone.  Cut both sides and tap along the line with your chisel to cause the stone to break along the line.