Why Sand is the Best Option for Backyard Play Areas

Having an area dedicated in your backyard for child play encourages kids to get outside for healthy exercise. Swing sets, slides and other outdoor play equipment are a wonderful gift for children, but you want to ensure it is safe and durable. One of the considerations when building a backyard play area is the ground cover. Here is why sand is the best option to protect your kid’s play area.

Benefits of Sand

Obviously a paved area is not a good idea for swings and climbing equipment. One fall and it could mean a trip to the ER for fractured bones. However, even grass or turf has its drawbacks. Grass requires water to keep it healthy; sprinklers near outdoor play equipment can cause rust and rot, hastening deterioration and making it unsafe. Sand, like the white sand used for sandboxes, offers a few benefits:

  • It is soft and less likely to cause injury if a child falls
  • Kids love playing in sand – it is great for playing with big and small toys
  • It is easy to maintain, requiring no watering or cleaning
  • Insects are less likely to be lurking in sand versus grass or mulch

Sand is a nice option to cover the ground in your child’s play area. It looks neat and is the safest option. You want to choose a quality white sand that is made for play areas and sand boxes. Contact your local landscape supplier – many quality suppliers offer white sand and can deliver it in bulk quantity right to your home to make it quick and easy to build your backyard play area.

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