Landscaping with Boulders

If you’re designing and landscaping plan and are in search of the perfect element to bring life to water features or visual interest to a garden, natural landscaping boulders may be just the ticket. These versatile stones are ideal for creating natural-looking waterscapes, building dry creek beds for drainage or acting as focal points in a garden. 

Choosing the Right Boulders

While the first thing that comes to mind for many people at the mention of the world “boulder” is an excessively large piece of stone, boulders are actually available in a relatively wide range of sizes. This makes them perfect in a large array of applications, from the construction of man-made ponds to the creation of sculptural elements with natural flair. Smaller boulders, or basket boulders, offer a high degree of design flexibility. Large specimen boulders add a striking degree of visual interest to any design project. Because they are available in different sizes, boulders can be used to create almost any hardscape feature you can imagine. 

Choosing the Right Boulders

While boulders are versatile and useful in so many application, it’s still important to choose the right options for your particular project. Working with a knowledgeable landscape supply and quarry company is the best way to learn more about the different types of boulder available, and all the ways in which they can be used. If you’re still searching for the perfect stone product to bring your landscaping design project together, contact a landscape supply company to learn more about the many uses of boulders in hardscape and garden design.

Posted on behalf of Alliance Stone, Inc.