Building An Old World Stone Fence

Stone fences are reminiscent of old farm houses from years gone by, and can add an Old World flair to your landscaping design project. Once built with the field stones retrieved from acres of farm land, building a stone fence today generally requires a trip to your local landscaping supply store or quarry. However, the old-world charm of a stone fence can add to the curb appeal of your home and give it a unique look that sets it apart. 

Creating Your Fence

With stone fences, you can either use mortar to hold the stones together or just stack them to build your fence. Larger, flat field stones can be stacked to make a rustic fence without the use of mortar. Smaller or rounded stones will need to be held together. Mortar will give any stone wall stability and can ensure that your wall will last for decades, maybe even longer. 

  • For a dry stacked fence, you will need to get a large variety of flat stones that are heavy enough to stay in place. Field stones are commonly used, often coming in oblong shapes that are ideal for stacking. Dry stacked stone fences should be about four feet tall or less.
  • For a sturdy stone wall, add mortar between the layers of rocks. Mortar can give you the ability to use smaller, more colorful stones in your wall. If you prefer a dry, stacked look but want the stability of mortar, scrape any excess mortar from exterior joints with a rake. 

There is nothing easy about building a stone wall; it is hard, back-breaking work, which is one of the reasons why it’s generally advised to contact a professional landscaper in order to have one built properly. Still, the end result is an incredible piece of lasting art that adds beauty and charm to your home.

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Field Stone Landscaping Ideas

Field stones once were considered a burden to remove from the earth to make an area ready for planting. While they may still frustrate the farmer, they now are used to bring beauty as well as function to many landscaping projects. These stones come in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors, giving them versatility in how they can be used. Here are a few ways you can use field stones to give your landscaping a new look.

–         Stone wall. One of the oldest and most functional uses for the field stone is a retaining or decorative walls. These stones tend to be flatter and easier to stack, making them perfect for creating a rustic looking wall.

–         Paving. Field stones are a great way to create a natural looking patio or walkway through a garden. Once flush with the ground, they give the impression of a natural paved floor.

–         Borders. Once again, field stones are great to stack, even if just high enough to create a border. Use them to border your garden, mailbox or driveway, adding dimension and natural beauty. They also work well around garden ponds, giving a natural edging.

–         Fire pits. Create your own backyard camping area with a field stone fire pit. Use the flatter stones to edge the pit for a fire-resistant ring and the rounder and jagged stones to create the interior fire pit.

–         Sculpture pieces. Field stones come in so many sizes that larger ones can be made into pieces of art or even furniture. A large flat stone can be used as a table top, making art into function.

Check with your local stone provider for even more creative ideas for the use of field stone in your landscape.

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