What Is Ashlar Stone?

If you are researching using natural stone for your next home improvement project, you will come across ashlar stone products as options in come top-end quarries. This can be confusing, as you may see different types of ashlar, like fieldstone ashlar and flagstone ashlar. To help eliminate any confusion, here are some basics on this type of stone product and how it can be used to enhance the beauty of your home.

Ashlar is Not a Stone

The first thing to understand that ashlar is not a type of stone, but a masonry term used when referring to stone cuts. Ashlar is stone that has been carefully cut or shaped, usually into rectangles of different shapes and sizes. It has been used for centuries and offers a stunning appearance for many types of natural stone surfaces, which is why you will find different types of ashlar made from varying kinds of natural stone.

Uses for Ashlar

Ashlar is versatile, and the different squares and rectangles can be configured together to create a unique pattern or no pattern at all. Ashlar is popular for stone surfaces like fireplaces, siding and other flat surfaces. While ashlar cuts can be blocks to build masonry, they can also be thin to cover surfaces, a more economical option for a stone look without building from stone.

There are many options and uses for ashlar cut stone that can create beautiful and unique surfaces for your home. However, you want to find a quality quarry that has the skills and supply available for a varied choice in the pieces you use. Talk to your contractor or landscaper about using ashlar stone for your next project for a classic style that will last for decades.

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