What Is Topsoil, Anyway?

When shopping at your local landscape supply store, one of the most common items you will encounter is a wide variety of soils. It can be daunting for the new gardener to determine which soil is best for different gardening applications. Among all the varieties of dirt and fertilizer available, you will undoubtedly see many types of topsoil. You may be wondering what topsoil is, and how it’s used in landscaping design. Here are basics about topsoil, and how to choose the best one for your project. 

Topsoil 101

In a nutshell, topsoil is healthy soil which is free from rocks, sticks and other debris. As the name states, this soil is used to cover the top of gardens and planting areas. It can also be used in planters, for seeding lawns and in a vast array of landscaping projects. However, there are different types and levels of quality which you should look for in topsoil, depending on how you intend for it to be used. 

  • Mix – Topsoil comes in a variety of mixes which are used for different applications. For garden planting, a mixed topsoil can provide the best attributes for fostering growth in large areas. For potting plants or small enclosed flower beds, you may want to go with mixes specifically designed for planters or potting, designed for plants with minor depth.
  • Quality – Picking a good quality topsoil can be difficult if you are new to gardening. For use in planting, you want a dark, rich soil that is heavy in nutrients. Talk to your local landscape supply store experts to find the topsoil with the best ingredients and pH balance for your project. 

Topsoil is one of the most important aspects of new planting, and vital to maintaining the health of your plants. It can add nutrients to old, depleted soil and give new plants or seed the right environment to grow. Before buying topsoil, talk to your landscape expert to ensure you get the right variety for your needs.

Posted on behalf of Clayton Hulen, Green Brothers Earth Works