Purchasing Soil For Spring Planting

Spring is in the air, making thoughts turn to planting your flower pots and vegetable gardens. The basic component of any successful planting endeavor is the correct soil for the job. The soil used to grow a tasty tomato in a garden compared to the soil in a potted plant can be very different. Before getting out your gardening gloves, you need to head to your local landscaping supply store to do some dirt shopping! 

Potted Plant Soil

If you are buying soil for potted plants, there are three main choices you will encounter: all-purpose, premium and seed-starting. For most house plants, an all-purpose soil will work fine, although certain types of plants like cactus and violets have blends which are specifically designed for them. Premium potting soil has fertilizer added, and can be used for most types of indoor and outdoor potted plants. For plants starting from seed, a seed-starting soil is recommended. 

Outdoor Garden Soils

The type of soil you need for building a raised garden bed or to add to your existing garden will depend on what you are growing. Typical gardening top soil is similar to the dirt that would be found in the ground, with a mix of different soils to create a balanced base for your garden. Depending on whether you are growing flowers or vegetables, you may need different levels of pH in the soil you purchase. 

When it comes to planting, starting with the right soil can make all the difference in the end result. Talk to the experts at your landscape supply store for advice on choosing the right soil for what you plan to grow, along with what fertilizer and other soil additives that you may need.

Posted on behalf of Green Bros. Earthworks