The Advantages of Using Sod

There’s no denying that a beautiful lawn with neatly trimmed green grass looks great.  The challenge for most people is transforming their dull, brown soil into beautiful grass. You have to decide whether to use sod or seed. Your decision should be based on three factors.

What’s Your Budget?

Determine how much you can spend before making your decision to use sod or grass seed.

Sod is more expensive than grass seed. In fact, grass seed is typically cheaper than any type of sod that’s available. The reason for this is that someone else already did the hard work of cultivating grass seeds. You pay for them to carefully cultivated a patch of grass for you. The great thing about sod is that it is mature grass.

What’s Your Terrain Like?

The terrain or type of soil (yard) you have is an important factor. Seed might be more effective than sod if your lawn is plagued with “shaded spots” because sod does better in the sun. In addition, you can buy a special type of seed that won’t die in the shade.

However, if there are steep sides to your lawn, sod will be a better choice because seeds tend to get washed away before they can take root.

How Soon Do You Want Results?

You can have a solid, sturdy, and beautiful lawn in a matter of hours using sod.

Additionally, sod might be your only choice if you missed the primary seeding season that occurs during late spring and the early part of autumn. Seeds need warm soil to grow; however, sod can take root in any temperature that’s above freezing.

Posted on behalf of Clayton Hulen, Green Brothers Earth Works