Summer is the Prime Time to Add Sod Dressing

Is your lawn lacking luster or uneven in areas? One of the ways to fix these issues is to add sod dressing to your lawn. However, not all times of year are ideal for adding sod dressing as the grass needs to be in a fast growing stage for the best results. Summer, usually between May and August, is when grass is at its peak growing levels, making it the best time to apply sod dressing to your yard.

When a lawn has low spots or is lacking the right top soil, it can affect the growth and beauty of your yard. Sod dressing, when applied correctly, can even out any uneven areas and add vital nutrients to your yard. Although this can be done in the spring or fall, summer is usually the best time to add this layer to your grass. To effectively apply sod dressing, follow these steps:

  • Preparing your lawn. You want your grass to be ready to accept the new soil for the best results. For some lawns, this may require thatching or aerating if there is more than ½ inch of thatch. Then mow the lawn as short as possible without damaging the grass, removing all clippings from the yard.
  • Adding sod dressing. Spread a half an inch sod dressing across your lawn except in areas that need filling where it may take a few inches of dressing to fill. Lightly use the backside of a rake to even the sod dressing and push it down into the soil. After the first watering, you may need to even out the dressing again until it is compacted.

Don’t miss out on the best time to add sod dressing to your yard. Call your local landscape supply to order your sod dressing now.

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