Save Money by Installing Your Own Sod

Are you considering sod for your lawn? Laying sod can give you the lush lawn you have been trying to achieve, almost overnight. While sod still needs preparation and care, it can be successfully done on your own, saving you money. Here are tips to help you properly install sod and get a beautiful lawn that will flourish.

  • Choose the right sod. Talk to your local landscape supplier about which grass will be right for your soil type, use and maintenance needs. Getting the right grass is the first step to success.
  • Prepare your lawn. You cannot just lay down sod on any site and expect it to grow. You want to remove all rocks, weeds and other debris from the soil. The soil should also be well aerated and water applied before the sod is installed.
  • Make sure you choose a quality sod provider and get timely delivery. You want to get sod that was recently harvested, usually less than 72 hours before your installation. Schedule your delivery for the same day as installation if possible. Remember, your sod is alive and needs water and nutrients to survive. Keep it moist and in the shade until you can lay it down.
  • After your sod is installed, you need to keep it watered to allow the roots to attach and grow. Set a watering schedule of twice a day for two weeks, once in the morning, once at night.

With quality sod, you can save a little money by doing the installation yourself. Find a local supplier with high quality, fresh sod for the best results.

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