Restore Your Lawn with New Sod

Are you tired of fighting a losing battle with your lawn? Seeding, fertilizing, aerating, watering and continued maintenance are not always enough to bring a dying lawn back to life. Sometimes, you need to start from scratch with a new lawn that is healthy and just needs to be maintained. Sod can give your yard a makeover and create the lush, green lawn without weeds that you have always wanted.

Tips for Laying Your New Sod

While sod can give you a fresh start for your lawn, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean it is easy. There are factors you need to consider when installing your new sod, including:

  • Type of grass. You want a grass that flourishes well in your climate region, offers the right durability for traffic and growth levels that meet your maintenance needs.
  • Preparation. To ensure your new sod gets a good start, the proper preparation must be done. This includes leveling your area, sustaining the right moisture and treating the soil with weed prevention.
  • Timing. While sod can be installed any time of year, there are better times than others. Moderate temperatures are the best to help your new grass flourish. Spring and early fall when it is not too cold or too hot are the best times to lay sod.
  • After care. While sod is simpler than replanting, it does require after care to ensure the best results. You must maintain the right amount of moisture and protect it until it grows the root base needed for a healthy lawn.

To get your new lawn off to a good start, begin your new sod project with a visit to a quality landscape supplier that can help you choose the best sod and give you more tips to restore your lawn.

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